About Us

Where it all started

bbrilliance was started as a commodity trading/brokerage agency under the name of T23 back in 2003, which started and focused on the supply of cement.

With the progress and attention there in, and the ever increasing requests for other products, T23 was then transferred and evolved into the new age of technology and renamed accordingly to bbrilliance and expanded out to include other commodities, services and products.

Our offices have global reach, with representation in South Africa and the USA, and associates across the globe.

What we enjoy

Photography offers us a opportunity to relax & refocus

Desire > Focus > Success

Besides photography, focusing on the requirements of our customers and clients allows us to be successful in giving that dedicated one-on-one attention. 

As you would expect us to give you the focus and time, we request the same. We treat every query as our top priority and ask that you are sincere, open and honest. 

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